About Us


For three generations, Victorian Heritage has made it a priority to preserve and restore all types of historical buildings crafted between 1700 and the 1890s. We specialize in all manner of architectural restoration and preservation, including stone work, masonry, out buildings, metalworking, fireplaces, chimneys, barns, log cabins, and more. It’s our goal to protect the rich history these structures embody, and ensure they remain a treasure for generations to come. We take pride in historical accuracy, and employ some of the most skilled and experienced masons and craftsmen in the area. Our specialty is preserving history, one project at a time.

an old spring house before architectural restoration

a fully restored spring house including a new roof and windows


In addition to our historic restoration and preservation efforts, Victorian Heritage is proud to have taken the lead in a number of period reproduction projects, including work on the following dwellings from the mid-18th through 19th century:

Hainley Residence

Frame Dwelling

Chester County, PA

Claggett Residence

Frame Dwelling

Christiana, PA

Ireland Residence

Brick House and Barn

Coatesville, PA

Duffield Residence

Stone Dwelling

Birchrunvillage, Chester County, PA

Cherry Residence

Stone and Brick Dwelling

Chester County, PA

Anderson Residence

Brick Dwelling

Chester County, PA