We have been fortunate enough to work with many groups and individuals who understand the value of quality architectural restoration and reproduction. We would like to take a moment to thank these individuals for their patronage, and to share with you a few of the comments they have shared regarding our work.

  • Our thanks to Victorian Heritage for a wonderful job-on time, on schedule, excellent craftsmanship, and always professional. Your men are as good as the high recommendation we received! We hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future. Of the hundreds (literally) of contractors we have talked to and worked with, Victorian Heritage is the only one to hold to its schedule and promises of quality!

    D. Nickle Birdsboro, PA
  • Your workmen were good to deal with-something not readily found today.

    Baldwin Antiques New Providence, PA
  • One rarely enjoys paying a bill but the quality of the work, skills plainly visible and the very pleasant way it came to be so very attractive makes it plain to even the inexperienced that it was all well worth the price. Well worth it. We don’t forget either the fine people who you brought to this job. You’ll be back again.

    B. Anderson Glenmoore, PA
  • The step looks lovely and we are thrilled with it. We are so appreciative of the time it took you to find just the right color stones. You were more than kind and we are most grateful.

    M. Levin Malvern, PA
  • We are very appreciative of the time and devotion all of you have given to our house project. Doug for the wonderful masonry work and the endurance to clean 200 years worth of dirt from the floorboard grooves. For Jim’s wealth of knowledge about old houses and creative ideas in solving endless problems that present themselves and your ability to coordinate and endure such a long term project. It is not over yet.

    A. Myers Unionville, PA
  • Just a note to say we are very pleased with the job you did on the chimney.

    J. Ream**** PA
  • Your prompt attention and quick completion of the job was greatly appreciated by us.

    T. Cloud Sr. Atglen, PA
  • Now we can really appreciate the beautiful walk and porch that you did. Thank you for being such a talented mason but more than that, thank you for being you.

    Marty**** PA
  • Every time we look at our beautiful springhouse we think of your exceptional craftsmanship. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job.

    Mr. and Mrs. Heywood Elverson, PA
  • To Jim and his helpers who built such a magnificent wall for me.

    H. Douglass Atglen, PA
  • Thanks for the beautiful job.

    G. Eck Honeybrook, PA
  • I really appreciate your being so helpful besides all the great work.

    L. Blatt Coatesville, PA
  • Terrific work as always.

    Tad & Susan************* PA
  • Many thanks for a great job. We are very pleased with your work.

    H. Alderfer West Chester, PA
  • We appreciate your careful work on this project.

    A. Myers Unionville, PA
  • This note is to thank you for the fine effort and concentration that you and your workers gave to making the Tully residence. We appreciated your commitment to the project as well as all the fine help and advice offered to us during the course of the project. We are very pleased with the results.

    J. Timberlake Philadelphia, PA
  • Thank you Jim for the repair job on the wall. It looks great.

    F. Ward******** PA
  • Thanks Jim for such a nice job.

    Tad & Tish********* PA
  • I looked at the work yesterday in the grave yard and found everything very satisfactory. You even did more than you bargained for—I noticed the ribbed joints in the mortar and the many places where you threw a trowel full of stuff here and there on the outside of the wall where needed. The keeper of the gate latch looks very “authentic”, I like it.

    J. Mettson West Chester, PA
  • Thank you for the excellent job restoring the brick face and hearth on our fireplace. I was pleased to see that you could replace the dislodged brick over the opening with the same brick. Hence, we won’t have to consider tile or stucco. We were also glad to see the room was left very clean. Consider us a good reference for your future work.

    D. Burnham Wayne, PA
  • We would like to thank you and the owners of the Myers property for the opportunity to see a historic restoration first hand. It was a pleasure to see your work on such a large and comprehensive scale. It was especially beneficial for us to see the treatment of the oak floors, the use of tin lighting fixtures, paint selections and of particular interest to me- the stone work. The hearth stones, brick floor in the summer kitchen and the stone floor in the enclosed porch (artistry by themselves) blended perfectly with the house.

    W. Zayania Lionville, PA
  • A very belated thank you for your generosity in meeting with my architect, he returned to Boston with both an enthusiasm and in depth understanding of what we have been talking about in crown pointing, mortar color, etc. A picture is worth a thousand words. Although we are realistic that we will not achieve the degree of “perfection” of your work, both our architect and mason will do their best to emulate you.

    C. Cox Boston, MA
  • Thank you for the information and good advice about restoring the fireplaces, it was a great education.

    Skip Elkton, MD
  • This past weekend, we made the first fire of the fall in the “prissy” living room fireplace. We couldn’t help but think about you and the long hours you and your crew spent agonizing over the “fireplace built by the devil”. Happy to report no scent of smoke anywhere else in the house! We are convinced she is fixed. We feel we never thanked you properly for your persistence. We enjoyed getting to know you and learning to appreciate your experience. We were very fortunate to have come upon a truly dedicated, ethical craftsman who could not rest until the job was completed to his satisfaction. The likes of Jim Groff should not be the exception – he represents a standard that should be the goal of anyone in the business for themselves.

    D. Jebb Cochranville, PA
  • Thank you for the interesting presentation. There were many favorable comments. I thought it was great. The crowd certainly liked it too.

    Elk Creek Preservation Elkton, MD
  • Thank you for your fascinating slide and talk last night. Everyone was very interested in the houses history and restoration.

    SE Chester County Historical Society
  • Many thanks for another beautiful job. I really do appreciate the effort that goes into it.

    B. Duffield Birchrunville, PA
  • Many thanks for the usual perfect job! I know the cap was tough but it really does make the wall! Thank you for your non-stop efforts in finishing the barn and house.

    B. Duffield Birchrunville, PA
  • We enjoyed your slide presentation. Thank you for taking the time to share your expertise and experience in your craft with us.

    Brandywine Gardeners’
  • The Vestry has asked me to extend their sincere thanks to you for the beautiful boxes you have created from the remains of the 300 year old oak beam removed during our church’s wall restoration. Upon examination of these boxes, we believe them to be an extension of the fine thoughtful craftsmanship you demonstrated and required during the restoration project. It has been decided to place on of your boxes, containing an original brick from the restored wall, in the time capsule which is to be buried in the church’s chancel.

    St. Mary Anne’s Episcopal Church North East, MD
  • We broke into the kiln recently and the bricks are beautiful! A nicer ring I haven’t heard in a while. We look forward to testing your clay.

    Colonial Williamsburg, Supervisor, Historic Masonry Trades Williamsburg, VA
  • Our porch has been greatly admired by all who have seen it.

    D. Shelley Oley, PA
  • Thank you for your participation in the production of Restore America. The show you contributed to will air on HGTV. It has been a pleasure working with you.

    HGTV, "Restore America"
  • You are a national treasure with the knowledge you have of this field.

    West Grove, PA
  • Thank you for speaking at our Historic Preservation Workshop. Your talk was most interesting and your diagrams added greatly to the talk. The print showing where the bricks were replaced certainly shows an eye for detail and historic record.

    Cecil County Historic District Commission Elkton, MD
  • The rumble of millstones…the splish-splash of water as it flows over the water wheel…the aroma of freshly ground corn wafting through the air...these are the dreams that are dancing in our head at the Mill at Anselma this holiday season. I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank you both for your amazing craftsmanship in re-pointing the Mill at Anselma. The Mill still looks old and beautiful, yet well preserved, which was our goal! We have received numerous compliments from the foundations and individuals who have committed funds to support your efforts. You should be proud of your accomplishments! We are immensely grateful for your efforts.

    The Mill at Anselma, Preservation and Education Trust, Inc. Chester Springs, PA
  • Thank you for your input in our house. We value your opinion greatly.

    W. Za******************** Lionville, PA
  • We look forward to seeing you when we light our first fire!

    J. Applebee**************** Old New Castle, DE
  • Mr. Groff is a total professional whose business depends on his reliability and competence, so he has a high regard for excellent craftsmanship.

    C. Burger Kennett Square, PA
  • The walk is a work of art! Beautiful!

    A. Myers Unionville, PA
  • Thanks so very much for the beautiful walkway and lamplight. The stonework demonstrates a great eye for what will look wonderful when it is done.

    D. Myers Unionville, PA
  • he walkway took much less time than I’d hoped…because we love having your industrious and humorous energy around our home. You out did yourselves and we all appreciate it.

    K. Myers Unionville, PA
  • I can see why the job was such a success, after looking at the photos. They are lucky to have found the right contractor for the project. P.S. I loved the one of a kind card you drew, it’s a keeper.

    B. Stover Oley, PA
  • Thank you for a job well done in repairing our bedroom fireplace. Doug has magical ability in selecting stone, shaping it, and rebuilding the damaged area. We were surprised by you check, honesty (personal or business) seems an uncommon character trait. Our best wishes for your continued success and excellent work ethic.

    West Chester, PA
  • Many thanks for the article on the National Bank of Christiana. It’s fun to know where the marble for the steps came from, and to know that they are being put to good use. We are thrilled with how the job turned out with the “new” look of the house- far more grand than we anticipated.

    B. Wylie, Jr. Unionville, PA
  • Thank you for the wonderful job you did on our old brick treasure.

    B. Cooch Old New Castle, DE